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Luminovo in a nutshell

Values that guide us daily

We believe in putting people first and building great things. This is how we do it:
Trust each other icon

Trust each other

Be honest. Be open. Be respectful. Value transparency and provide a safe zone where others can be vulnerable.
Embrace feedback icon

Embrace feedback

Show appreciation and let others know what you think! Do not be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.
Have fun icon

Have fun

Be yourself and enjoy the time together. If you did not laugh, it was a day wasted.
Focus on impact icon

Focus on impact

Begin with the end in mind and let measurable outcomes guide your actions. Put solutions over problems.
Be proactive icon

Be proactive

Act if you see an opportunity to help. Take ownership of your work and earn autonomy.
Keep learning icon

Keep learning

Be curious. Personal growth leads to company growth.


We work hard, but we also know you have a family, friends, hobbies, and a life outside the office. That’s why we offer a great benefits package, not just a competitive salary.
Flexible working hours icon

Flexible working hours

We don’t have a rigid 9 to 6 work schedule. Instead, we encourage Luminerds to work during the hours in which they perform their best. 
Remote-first, with retreats!  icon

Remote-first, with retreats!

As part of our remote-first setup, all Luminerds can work remotely within +/-2 hours of CET, while always being welcomed in our Munich office. In addition to our online team events, we regularly organize in-person team retreats and an annual get together for our company-wide LumiWeek. 
Equity compensation icon

Equity compensation

We value every Luminerd’s work and dedication right from the start. Hence, for investing their time and skills in Luminovo as well as trusting and contributing to our vision, all permanent employees receive a Virtual Employee Stock Option Plan (VESOP) as part of their compensation package. 
Home-office equipment icon

Home-office equipment

As part of our remote-first setup, all Luminerds have the option to work from home. Regardless of your work location, we will make sure you receive the necessary equipment. This could include a brand new MacBook, 4K monitor, mouse, keyboard, ergonomic chair, etc.
No rules  icon

No rules

We trust Luminerds to act in the best interest of Luminovo. This is why we apply a “no rules” approach to productivity-related decisions, particularly including expenses, devices and personal development. We believe that given a high talent density and our goal to innovate, allowing the people with the most relevant knowledge to call the shots will result in better outcomes. We want to lead with context, not control.
Mental health matters  icon

Mental health matters

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as managing your physical health. Therefore, we offer Luminerds access to a mental health platform, including tools designed to maintain a healthy work-life balance and excel both personally and professionally. 
Childcare benefits icon

Childcare benefits

Supporting Luminerds and their families is very important to us, which is why we offer financial support to all parents at Luminovo! If you are a parent and have incurred childcare expenses, you will receive a monthly tax-free subsidy from us.
Psychological safety  icon

Psychological safety

At Luminovo, our objective is that every Luminerd feels safe to bring their whole self to work. Psychological safety is the foundation of our honest and respectful feedback culture, our no-rules approach, and how we collaborate as a team.

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